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#1 Re: General discussion »  Yanmar YSM 12 Manual » 2008-05-10 22:09:26

Thanks David, much appreciated!  This very complete manual will answer some of the questions I have as I prepare to get ready for boating season here in PEI.  I purchased my C&C 27 MK III 1979 (i think) first of Aug. last year, and I am very pleased with the boat.  Now gathering info re equipment & manuals etc., as the previous owner had very little.  Again THANKS!

Don Baker

Red Surge

Sail Number 803

#2 General discussion »  Yanmar YSM 12 Manual » 2008-05-09 03:33:40

Replies: 2

Would any one have a manual for a 1979 (approx.) Yanmar YSM 12 service manual or would you be able to send me any contact references, thanks!

Red Surge

#3 General discussion » Force10 kerosene heater » 2007-09-04 10:03:55

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My recently purchased 1979 C&C 27 Mark III has a Force 10 Kerosene heater on board which the previous owner never used and he had no info/manual on its operation.  Would any assoc. members have a manual or know where I can obtain one?  Thanks.
Don Baker

#4 Re: General discussion » Operational Boat manual » 2007-08-10 21:07:58

Thanks very much Ken! I will take you up on your offer, very much appreciated!  I intend to join the Association next week which is when I take ownership of the boat. Been out for one "training sail" or orientation and have the second one planned for this Sunday afternoon.  The Boat is 1979 Mark III named Red Surge.  My mailing address is as follows:
Don Baker
Baker Consulting Inc.
51 University Avenue
Charlottetown, PEI
C1A 4K8
Again Many thanks!!

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