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#1 Re: General discussion » Mast Part » 2022-06-27 21:21:19

hope this worksmini_IMG_8784.jpg the stop under the gooseneck is the same as the one on top hope this helps. thanks for the instructions pablo

#2 Re: General discussion » Mast Part » 2022-06-27 00:02:15

it is a sail slug stopper! any online or brick and mortar marina will have or can get them.
that said a lot of the c&c 27's I've seen just have a 3/8 thick piece of bakalite with a screw through it. you loosen the screw and turn to open or close.
the gooseneck may have a small piece of aluminum or stainless above and below it, that slides into the track or just between the rails that screws into the mast.
this would be much easier if I could figure how to post pics.
if you leave your email I can send some

#3 Re: General discussion » mkiii sails needed » 2022-06-08 15:18:47

sounds good is it a main ? can you email me your location and contact info so i can check shipping and finalize purchase
thks brian b climbtoronto@hotmail.com

#4 Re: General discussion » mkiii sails needed » 2022-06-08 14:39:45

where are you and how much would you like fore it thks

#5 Re: General discussion » mkiii rudder removal any specifics or surprises ? » 2022-06-08 14:37:36

i will take a picture the next time im on the boat. at the top of the rudder stock there is a brkt that bolts on and it looks like a short  hooked split snake tongue that you can hook a t shaped rod onto facing the stern to witch you can move the rudder if you loose a cable or sheve etc in the wheel system.

#6 General discussion » mkiii sails needed » 2022-06-06 23:03:03

Replies: 4

in desperare need of a main prefer a full batten but beggers cant be choosers!

squirels got under my cover and ate everything !!!!!!!

also in need of furling head sails prefer a 130-155

thanks brian b 78 mkiii #726

please contact

#7 Re: General discussion » mkiii rudder removal any specifics or surprises ? » 2022-04-12 22:06:17

removal  was straight forward other than upper bushing had separated from the cockpit floor brkt and was seized to the rudder stock and had to be cut and pried to release the rudder.
if anyone else has to do this i would recommend removing the upper bushing plate first, would have made it all easier !

#8 General discussion » upper rudder post bushing replacement mkiii anyone done it or got one? » 2022-04-12 19:43:25

Replies: 0

pulled the rudder today but the upper bushing was broken and siezed to the post.
had to cut the bushing off need a replacement if anyone has or knows where to find it.


#9 General discussion » mkiii rudder removal any specifics or surprises ? » 2022-04-11 21:34:27

Replies: 3

planning on removing my rudder asap for rebuild mkiii with wheel steering
plan is loosen steering cables, separate or loosen quadrant, unbolt cockpit emerg tiller brkt drop rudder!
let me know if you think or know of something I've missed. keyways locking pins etc.

#10 Re: General discussion » Mk III rudder » 2022-04-10 21:18:26

yep i thought the same as soon as i saw the pics looks like a mki

#11 Re: General discussion » Mk III rudder » 2022-04-09 23:45:14

its been a year but ill try !!!!! still available ?

#12 General discussion » looking for any first hand history on my 27mkiii » 2022-04-09 23:36:32

Replies: 0

hoping anyone may know something about the history of my boat i believe it spent mosy of its life on lake huron in the sarnia area. i bought it 2 days before mandatory haul out in  port maitland sarnia. hull #726 1978 mkiii previously named NOAHM, REVEREE THREE and originally NO SHAME.
thanks for any assistance brian b

#13 General discussion » head floor not solid » 2021-11-21 17:49:40

Replies: 2

just wanted to see if it’s normal for the glass skin floor of the head to move a bit when you walk on it.
feels like it isn’t attatched to anything underneath for support.
or should it have a piece of wood sole over the liner like the rest of the cabin?
thanks for any help never had a liner in my previous boats.

#14 General discussion » mast step repair » 2021-11-20 16:32:47

Replies: 1

hi folks my 1978 mkiii had a concave around the mast step when i purchased it. i have removed the skin and damaged core and found there was plywood sandwiched between the upper and lower skin under the stainless mast step. has anyone done this repair and your recommendation to replace core with new ply balsa or straight glass with a stainless support sandwiched.
thanks for any and all input.
boat was out of Goderich ontario name is no shame hull #727 thks

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